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Meet The Team


Ben Keirnan is a science communicator based out of the University of Melbourne, with a background in physics, social media and digital art. A veteran of the TTRPG space for over 10 years and the Dungeons & Doctorates main game master, Ben’s knowledge of the pop culture space is often woven into whatever science story or other project he is working on. 



Ross Balch is a researcher with a background in medical science and infectious disease based in Brisbane. A skilled presenter and long-time lover of all things TTRPGs, Ross has brought his love of both science and pop culture to Dungeons & Doctorates as both a player and occasional game master.


Johanna Howes is a science communicator with a background in Environmental Chemistry research. A graduate of the Science Circus program, she currently works at Science Space in Wollongong, home to one of the most advanced planetariums in the country.

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